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Designer and Owner of Shannon B. Marketing with illustrated colorfull hairy beans
Creating Must
Have Brands

It's time to create a brand that aligns with your vision and mission and shows your potential customers exactly who you are and why they need your product.

Brand Identity + Package Design Just for Your Business

I have created a four-phase process that takes you from feeling overlooked by your audience to a leading brand that brings in new customers daily.

text 'Don't Miss Out'

I am here to guide you through each phase and support your goals of creating a clear, focused brand identity and package design that connects with your customers.

Designer and Owner of Shannon B. Marketing working at her desk
Colorfull hairy beans
Colorfull hairy beans

What Clients Are Saying . . .

"Working with Shannon was such a great choice to make for my business!


She is great at listening to feedback and implementing everything quickly, all while also ensuring that we stayed on track throughout our project. She constantly surprised me throughout the process by sharing with me exactly what a business owner needs for their specific industry and making sure it fits in line with what I was looking for."

Ashley Clary 

Owner of Betwixt Vintage

An ipad with apple pencil, showing the Betwixt Logo Designed by Shannon Bonds
Dashed wavy line
Dashed wavy line
Colorfull hairy beans

Are You Currently Feeling . . .

That branding doesn't align well with your company vision or the products you're selling

That you’re target customers aren’t seeing or engaging w/ your products

That your packaging doesn't provide a competitive edge in its market

What if You Felt . . .

That your branding was an expression of you and your company

A strong relationship with your customer base

Like a leading brand

(psst. because you are!)

You Have a Lot to Offer!

Colorfull hairy beans

Your product is essential, unique, and unparalleled, so why are you hiding it behind a brand identity that isn’t!

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